UP Police’s paper leaked, know the whole matter, Akhilesh raised questions

UP Police's paper leaked

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Was UP Police's paper leaked

Was UP Police’s paper leaked : Recently, the UP Police paper was conducted, due to which a case of paper leakage has come to light. It is being told that after the paper in Mainpuri, the news of paper leak came to light on Sunday. Center in Block B of Dr. Kiran Shaujia Academy of the city. The administrator caught a candidate with the solved copy. A paper was found with him in which out of 150 questions in the examination, answers to more than 110 questions were written correctly. On receiving the information, police officers reached there and took all the students into custody and started interrogating them.

Was UP Police's paper leaked
Was UP Police’s paper leaked

Was UP Police’s paper leaked

The news was given by the center administrator in the police station. Two candidates were arrested in the first meeting examination in Mainpuri district on Sunday. In the evening, in the second shift paper, another student was caught with solved paper in the school. When the student was interrogated, he told his name as Ravi Prakash , who was a resident of District Bhojpur, Bihar. Papers were recovered from him in which 114 questions were asked. The questions which were written correctly were matching with the exam papers that had come. After interrogating him for a long time, he told that he had written those questions with some students present outside.

Was UP Police's paper leaked
Was UP Police’s paper leaked

Akhilesh asked questions regarding this matter

The news of paper leak of all the students of UP Police Recruitment Examination 2024 is spreading on social media with screenshots due to which there is an atmosphere of anger among lakhs of unemployed person. Like other previous exam, this time also the exam paper has been leaked in the name of providing employment. It was suspected that it was coming true and coming out in the form of news.
The BJP government should not test the patience of the unemployed. In adverse circumstances, they prepare for the exams somehow, but under the BJP rule, they are always made fun of.
It seems that BJP people have made the examinations a business of earning money, that is why no action is taken against the people who are found in such political complex.
And the same game is played in this examination. BJP has lost the trust of young women. In this Lok Sabha election, youth will oust BJP.

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What was the reaction of the police when copying was caught

Police officers are still not able to give any clear answer in the case of students caught cheating and Additional Superintendent of Police Rahul Mithas has said that the candidate caught in Dr. Kiran Sojiya Academy was cheating, although till late evening the police station He continued to be interrogated, after which it was heard that the police can make a big revelation on Today. For this, teams from nearby districts are busy in the investigation and the police is trying to find out from where and when the paper was leaked. As soon as we know what happened, the news will be delivered to you through the article.

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