IND vs ENG: Rohit Sharma praised Virat Kohli
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Virat Kohli stayed out of two tests due to personal reasons. In (IND vs ENG) a recent interview, Rohit Sharma praised Virat Kohli, who is considered one of the best cricketers, praised his teammate Virat Kohli, who is also a role model.

Due to doing something personal, Kohli remained out of the ongoing series against ENG. Meanwhile, a very surprising incident came to light, Rohit Sharma said that he has seen Kohli very closely and how much trouble he faces in staying away from the field.

Apart from this, while praising Virat, he said that the best batsman Virat did not go to the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore, where most of the players go for their fitness related problems. He wanted to say that his fitness is very strong and he is a good teacher of the youth. is a role model

Praising Virat, Rohit said that youth should learn from Virat

Indian captain Rohit Sharma said that Virat always wants the performance of the Indian team to be good and also the youth should learn from this that they are always ready for the team and Rohit Sharma also said, “Virat Kohli’s passion and The spirit of dedication is very amazing. He is always ready for the good performance of the team. The youth should see his passion and spirit of dedication, I am very fortunate to have seen him from very close.”

Virat Kohli never took a long break

Rohit appreciated and said, “You should see one thing, Virat neither took a long break nor rested in his entire career. If he wanted, he could have easily taken rest after 2-3 series but that team. Every youth should learn this thing to always be available for help.

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