Pathaan 2: Shooting of Shahrukh’s Pathaan 2 has started, release date is here.
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Pathaan 2

Pathaan 2: Shahrukh Khan, who has made a good name in Bollywood, is once again coming to create a stir on the screen. You all know that his film Pathaan was a super hit. After the success of Pathaan, its sequel is also coming. The makers have given information about the shooting of this film. Let’s see the details from the story to the suiting information given below.

Pathaan 2

Pathan earned a lot of name and money in Bollywood. Sharukh Khan’s film Pathaan was released in 2023, which got a good response from fans. The film was very much liked by fans. Cameo roles were also shown in this film in which Salman Khan cameo role. Soon, some details of the shooting of the film Tiger VS Pathaan have come out. It has been told when the shooting of Pathan 2 is going on.

After being a hit in some Fimo, Shahrukh has made a great comeback in Pathan. Now this great comeback is going to add to the glory. The sequel of Pathan is going to create the same buzz once again. As per the information, it is revealed that Tiger vs Pathaan. Pathaan 2 will be released before 2017. After liking the film, the demand for Pathaan 2 has increased and as a result you will get to see this movie.

Pathaan 2
Pathaan 2

When will the shooting of Pathaan 2 start?

According to the information, it has been revealed that the shooting of this movie will start at the end of this year as Aditya Chopra told that the script of Pathaan 2 was tired by his team in 2023 itself, this film is being tired on a very large scale. And this film has been based on the long lasting fight between Tiger and Pathaan and after these films also you will get to see such films.

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You all know that this film is going to be the eighth film of the Spy Universe. Apart from this film, talks are going on soon about Tiger vs Pathaan and some details have come out. Its shooting is going to start from April 2024 but here is also a tweet. It is given that even though the shooting of Pathaan 2 will be in the last part of this year, but the shooting of Tiger vs Pathaan is going to happen in April 2024, still Pathaan 2 will be given a chance to hit the theaters first and it has been ascertained by our source that the rest of the upcoming movies will be released in theaters. The details will be sent to you

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