Jitendra Kumar’s Panchayat 3 will be released on OTT on this day

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The much-loved web series Panchayat has earned a lot of name on social media, till now only 2 parts have come, fans are eagerly waiting for its part 3.After the success of both its parts, it is returning with Panchayat Season 3.Be it Jeetendra Kumar, Raghuveer Yadav or Neena Gupta, these stars are entertaining a lot here.Airing on Otthar, Panchayat is the story of a Sehri engineer graduate who faces a salary situation in Sindur village in the northern state.

Panchayat 3 is better than before

The first look of Panchayat was released a few days ago in which Jitendra Kumar was seen going on a motorcycle carrying a bag and some luggage with him, from that moment it seemed as if Jitendra had left Phulera.
In the close photo, Durgesh Kumar is sitting with Ashok Pathak or Bablu Kumar, it is written on the wall behind them ‘If you stumble, it hurts’.

When will Panchayat 3 be released?

There was news in the media that Season 3 will be streamed on 30th or 31st December but it did not happen but now Amazon Prime has given some hint along with the release date, hearing which the fans are very excited.
Amazon Prime Video has hinted that Panchayat Season 3 may release in February

However, there is no official update regarding Season 3 yet, as soon as any official news comes, it will be sent to you.

Short story of Panchayt 3

Darsko believes that the Secretary in Panchayat 3 will be married to Rinki, who is the daughter of Pardhan.
And the problems that will arise in this marriage have been shown or in this story the secretary will apply for civil service and after passing the exam he will become an officer.
The story is going to be even more romantic, this season is going to give a lot of fun to the fans.

Why is there a delay in the release of Panchayat 3?

As everyone knows that there are a lot of hurdles behind Panchayat, the first reason for its delay is that this month was full of festivals so it was not released or the second reason was that it was a high budget film in January. It will be released in January. When it is released, it has a huge impact on the earnings.

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