Controversial actress and model Poonam Pandey died of cervical cancer: She was the owner of crores of rupees.
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Indian actress Poonam Pandey, who was a famous personality and controversial model, her death has shocked the entire country. Who does not want to know about Poonam Pandey, who left this world at the young age of 32? Today her death has once again raised awareness about Poonam. to know in
Everyone’s question is that how much property did Poonam Pandey have and what were her sources of income? Through this article we will know how much property Poonam Pandey has.

Poonam Pandey has worked in many films and has also done many reality shows and she has also earned a lot of name in her modeling career. Apart from working in TV shows, Poonam Pandey has also earned a lot of money through photoshoots for magazines and journals. It is coming to light that Poonam Pandey was very fond of luxury tax and lived in an area near Mumbai and one of her sources of earning was an app made by her. Let us know through this article how much tax Poonam Pandey has. property is

How did Poonam Pandey earn money?

Talking about Poonam Pandey’s earnings, according to reports, Poonam Pandey has assets worth around Rs 52 crores. Poonam has earned a good amount of money from films, her films like “Nasha”, “Love Ki Passion”, “Malini and Company”. , “Aa Gaya Hero” and “The Journey of Karma” and earned crores of rupees. Apart from working in movies, Poonam Pandey has worked in many good TV shows like “Total Nadaniyaan” and “Pyaar Mohabbat”. I did this from where I got a lot of money and recognition.

Earned a good amount from reality show

Poonam Pandey had participated in the country’s very famous reality show Bigg Boss and she also got a good amount of money from Bigg Boss and also worked in Bhojpuri films like Adalat and in Aalt Balaji’s show Lockup, Poonam was seen as Takri every week. Poonam used to get a pay out of ₹ 300000. Poonam also has her own erotic app which has about 32 lakh paid subscribers and currently Poonam earns the most from this app.

Childhood spent in financial crisis

Poonam Pandey was a resident of Kanpur. Poonam Pandey’s childhood was spent with financial crunch. After participating in the TV show Lockup, the actress had revealed that she had also seen such a day when there was not even a penny in the house, in such a situation, her The family used to fill their stomach with just rice, salt and water in the name of food.

Was very fond of luxury cars

Poonam Pandey lived in a four-storey house in Bandra area of Mumbai. She was a big fan of cars. She owned a BMW. Along with Poonam Pandey, she had 27 employees. She used to cook food for Poonam Pandey and her staff.

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